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Helping employers respond to the child care needs of their workforce.

There is a significant relationship between child care and a strong workforce. More and more employers are responding to the conflict often created between work demands and family responsibilities by turning their attention to their employees' child care needs

Businesses who have addressed the child care needs of their workers often report:

  • Recruitment, training and other cost reductions
  • Improvements in employee productivity, morale, and job satisfaction
  • Reduced absenteeism and tardiness
  • Enhanced employee/public relations

ASCC has several programs to assist employers seeking to address the child care needs of their workforce. Ways ASCC can help include:

Child Care Resource Network

Employee absenteeism due to lack of dependable child care arrangements is a challenge many employers face. Through the fee-based Child Care Resource Network (CCRN), employers are able to offer child care assistance to their employees.

Arizona Child Care Job Bank

The early care and education field is an important segment to Arizona's economy, employing thousands of individuals throughout the state. The Arizona Child Care Job Bank is a statewide program that links people seeking jobs in the early childhood field to employers who have open positions.


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