Reading is Fundamental   (RIF)

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) book distribution events provide free books to children in child care. ASCC's RIF Program conducts book distribution parties throughout the year. Events at each party include storytelling, motivational activities and crafts, refreshments and a wide assortment of books to select from.

At each event, children select one new book to take home. The program also provides literacy resources for the caregivers. Through these book distribution events, language and literacy training is offered to the providers emphasizing the importance of reading with the children.

Reading is Fundamental is a national program that promotes literacy and prepares and motivates children to read. Since its inception in 1966, RIF has grown into a national grass-roots network of more than 400,000 volunteers at 20,000 sites. RIF receives support from the U.S. Department of Education, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and countless individuals to place more than 200 million books in the hands and homes of children who need them most.

ASCC's RIF Program is funded by the Valley of the Sun United Way.

RIF Program Eligibility

Family child care providers meeting one or more of the following criteria:

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For more information about ASCC's Reading is Fundamental Program, please contact:

 480-829-0500 x 1121 (Maricopa County)

 800-535-4599 x 1121 (Toll Free)

 FAX: 480-820-7288


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