Rethink, Relax, and Relinquish

April 13, 2020  |  Published by


“It’s okay to NOT know how to do this.”  

I’ve told myself this many times over the past couple of weeks as we deal and adjust to this new normal. I am sure on some level for most of us, this pandemic has not been easy and has pushed us all way out of my comfort zone to say the least.  

If you are like me, you like to be in control and keep things in order. Order and control. Control and order. Work, home, kids, schedules, anddare I say it, school.  

But order and control in the age of shelter in place is hard. Like, crazy hard. Work has changed. Home routines have changed. Schedules are out of whack.  

My almost-fifteen-year-old son started online high school last year so he was used to working independently on his schoolwork from home. However, the shelter in place order removed my option of escaping to the office to get work done (and/or regain my sanity). 

The thought of spending endless hours at home with a teen was terrifying for me. I was just hoping we would both come out alive at the end of it. SeriouslyAnyone that has a teen or was a teen, knows the moody “I’m my own person and I don’t need you telling me what to do all the time” attitude that comes with it. Usually, a good 24 hours with no screens helps adjust that. But now, of course, that was something that I had to rethink quickly in these new circumstances. Do I really want to live the next 24 hours with a teen that has nothing to do? Because outside of screens, does life really exist for him right now 

Rethinking, relaxing, and relinquishing some of the control has helped us to find a good balance in our home. I have had to rethink my approaches to our daily tasks, our schedules and most important, our relationships.  

What do I want our relationship to look like at the end of this?  

Answer: I want them to be stronger and deeper.  

With that in mind, I’ve relaxed some of the rules around school and things like bedtime or screen time for now. I have also relinquished some control with the things in his world and let him take the lead on how and when to get it done. And I am happy to report, our home has been mostly harmonious. There are times when I want to take back the control or enforce our regular routine but then I remember what is most important, that we get through this together as a team.  

You’re turn. Tell me what works for you? What is your struggle? How have you overcome it (or not) during our #quarantine2020?  Struggling with juggling educating your humans while working from home? Take a look at some great tips from Jamie Casap, Chief Education Evangelist of Google. 

Leave your answers below. By sharing you may help someone else struggling with the same thing. Stay safe and see you on the other side of this. 

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