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Please Don't Hit Him!

Turning Challenging Behavior Into Appropriate Behavior For Preschoolers With Special Needs

Join Ann as she explores:

◆︎ Enhancing positive behavior for kids with special needs
◆︎ Tool kits to decrease challenging behavior and increase appropriate behavior
◆︎ The development of a functional behavior assessment
◆︎ Why the challenging behavior is occurring
◆︎ How to create a behavior plan

Ann has been a professor, researcher, and advocate for individuals with disabilities, their families, and service providers for five decades. She has authored 35 books (including two leading special education textbooks) and over 280 articles and chapters. In 1999, she was selected by the National Preservation Trust in Developmental Disabilities as one of 36 individuals who have “changed the course of history for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the 20th century.” She has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from five of the leading national disability organizations in the United States, as well as several international awards. She is a co-founder and former co-director of the Beach Center on Disability and retired Distinguished Professor of Special Education at the University of Kansas. Her greatest learning has come from her son, Jay Turnbull (1967-2009), whom she has always called her “best professor” about the needs of individuals with significant disabilities over the lifespan.

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Ann Turnbull
Ann Turnbull