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Blood Fuels the Greatness of America

By Madeleine Lovett | October 7, 2020
By HASAN DAVIS As a young boy, I spent hours and hours trying to imagine myself as the hero, the explorer, and the adventurer of great stories. I found it very difficult because I was never introduced to examples of African Americans as courageous contributors to the great story of America. In elementary school, I received my first Social Studies book and my teacher explained with great enthusiasm that this book contained the stories of people who made America great. I tore through the book searching chapter after chapter for a story that would finally affirm my place, my presence,… View Article Read More

Swimming Pool Safety

By Ruth Ray | June 30, 2020
Raising a six-year-old active little girl in Arizona requires a lot of time and energy to ensure I’m hitting all the marks while keeping her happy and safe, especially during these times I have had the pleasure to be a rare Arizona native, and I recognize that by mid-May the heat index can feel like 120 by 9:00 am. Arizona natives know how important it is when this time of year happens to gravitate to any source of relief, often times finding our solace sitting in a nice pool with the family. We also know that every year we have… View Article Read More

Full Interview with Dr. Garcia on handling kids’ emotions and behaviors

By Jacqueline Cruz | June 12, 2020
Dr. Isela Garcia, of the Alesi Group, discusses how to handle behaviors and emotions of kids with ASCC Coach Supervisor, Amy Vanderjack. Read More

Virtual Services and Support For Families, Caregivers and Educators

By Jacqueline Cruz | June 11, 2020
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team worked quickly to re-imagine our services and keep support in place for all families, caregivers, and educators.  Thank you to all our funders and partners that helped make it possible. Read More

To Play Date or Not Play Date Live Discussion

By Nicole Newhouse | May 15, 2020
Join Nicole Newhouse, ASCC CEO, and Trish Robinson, ASCC VP of Programs, for a live discussion on Facebook as they explore the struggle that parents are facing as the State starts to open back up. Read More