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Changing the Way We Think About Play

By Michelle Hixson | February 17, 2020
 I can remember sitting in the living room with my two nephews as they thoughtfully put together an enchanting world for their Octonauts and I asked, “Why do you think the Octonauts live under water?” My brother-in-law pipes in, “Because they are made to look like octopi and obviously they live in the water.” I tried again, “Jack, how do you think the octonauts communicate with one another under water?” Again from the kitchen, my brother-in-law answers for them with almost an exasperated tone, “They can talk like normal people. Haven’t you ever watched the show with them?” I rolled… View Article Read More

My First Anxiety Attack

By Patti Longman | February 3, 2020
My first anxiety attack happened suddenly and unexpectedly. I was just leaving work as a preschool teacher, when it happened right there in the school parking lot. My head began to spin, my heart raced, and I began to sweat. Soon after, I visited my doctor. The doctor asked, “Are you feeling stressed?” I reflected on this question… Here I am mother of two young children, husband away on a military deployment (again), preschool teacher with a few children with major behavior challenges… I said, “No, I’m not stressed.” He then assured me the attack was brought on by stress…. View Article Read More

YAAASSSSS, Queen!!! Making Over an Organization

By Nicole Newhouse | January 9, 2020
The fab 5 are back and they have enthralled my whole family! Like all of us, the hubs included. I spied my youngest (9) talking to a friend about how to put on perfume, “spray, delay, and walk away!” I mean, #gorgeous! Read More