Cotillion Sneddy

Using the Three Rs (Respect, Reflect, and Relate) to Guiding Children's Behavior



Using the three Rs (Respect, Reflect, and Relate) to Guiding Children's Behavior

Attendees will get an overview of the 3 R Approach and be able to hear some recommended strategies to use with children who exhibit challenging behaviors or have mental health issues.

Cotillion Sneddy

Early Childhood Instructor & Quality First Coach

Association for Supportive Child Care

Cotillion has worked with the Navajo Nation Head Start program as a teacher’s aide and then a home visitor, with the Family and Child Education programs as an EC Teacher, and later as a Teacher. Currently teacher Early Childhood classes on the Navajo Nation with Northland Pioneer College, and additionally, as a Quality First Coach with Association for Supportive Child Care. Serving on the Navajo Nation FTF Regional Council and also VP of Membership with AzAEYC. Cotillion is a proud mother of four and has done extensive work in literacy research in Indigenous communities.