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Hope Dealer Wanted

Every Child Has a Story,
Every Story Deserves Heroes

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Hope Dealer Wanted

Every Child Has a Story, Every Story Deserves Heroes

Presenter: Hasan Davis


Hasan will share his inspirational journey from his childhood filled with love but also many challenges navigating education, justice, and social service systems. Systems that, more often than not, failed to provide he and his family the support they needed to be successful. Hasan was lucky to find that on his journey there were, within each system, outliers and resisters who found a way to engage, encourage and, empower him with skills, grit, and resilience. With their support, he transcended his mounting list of “failures” to become an advocate for himself and eventually a champion for others facing challenges. Hasan believes that each person in the community has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to influence and transform the way children and youth experience success. Hasan will share the simple strategies his personal champions employed to help him complete the “JD shuffle” and go from Hasan Davis Juvenile Delinquent to Hasan Davis Juris Doctor.

We will explore:

◆︎ A better understanding of the cradle to prison pipeline
◆︎ Building the economic argument for investing more federal dollars in early childhood vs. Justice/Corrections programming
◆︎ A framework for exploring the impact of Social Emotional engagement strategies to mitigate the impact of early childhood trauma (and Drama) on Early Brain Development
◆︎ The impact that one caring adult can have on the lifelong trajectory of a child
Pages from a “Hope Dealer Handbook” inspirational lessons from Hasan’s Hope Dealers that now guide his own work
◆︎ Closing thoughts

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