Respite Care

Respite Care

Self care is child care

Take a much-deserved break

For parents or caregivers raising kids with special needs, finding personal time can be a challenge. You may need to run errands or go to an appointment. Or maybe you’re seeking quality time to concentrate on a spouse, another child, or a friend. Moments like these allow you to recharge and return a better caregiver. Your children will also benefit by learning they can depend on others for help.

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Our professionals

Our respite care team is made up of skilled and caring providers who will come to your home on a daily, weekly, or as-needed basis. Our providers are CPR and First Aid certified, and receive thorough training on medication dispensation, and child abuse identification and reporting. They also receive ongoing professional development, including an initial orientation, plus four hours within the first year, and eight hours every year afterward.

Success story:

Respite Care Participant

For the first time, we felt like our children were well cared for in our own home, and we did not have to fear that the providers would leave us after one session. Respite Care has allowed us to have relief that we did not realize we even needed. Our providers have become like family, and our children love them. I am eternally grateful for the Respite Care program.

I want to request this service

If you have a child diagnosed with a special need or delay and would like to receive professional child care support, tell us about your circumstances. We’ll reach out with the best solution for your family.

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