Problem statement here?

Something along the lines of:
"Your support goes a long way."
"Impact a child in need."
"You're doing something amazing."

We want to get them to scroll down because we've roped them in to learn more & help.


Welcome to Candelen.

This will be information about us & our partnership with Sakura. Who are we? What do we do?

Maybe some info about how kids birth-five form more than a million neural connections every second to stress that they're super impressionable right now and need the best learning/growing/developing experiences?


Stats here? We need to prove that we're doing good, but also convey the need for help.

  • Candelen reached XXX kids in 2020, but that's only XXX% of Arizona's population of kids
  • Candelen reached XXX parents, caregivers, and educators in 2020, but that's only XXX% of the population
  • XXX% of Candelen participants complete their program
  • XXX% of kids in AZ live in poverty
  • XXX% of 3 & 4 y/o kids don't attend preschool, potentially reducing their readiness for kindergarten
  • XXX% of AZ third graders can't read proficiently
  • Stat
  • Stat
  • Stat

I'm not sure what we could put here, but definitely something.

This is a button


What was the issue? Really tell the story here.

What steps were taken to correct it?

How did Candelen help?

How do we know we helped?

How is the participant doing today?

Get these people involved here.

Donate? Volunteer? Other ways to support?

List past and current donors/funders/partners as a fun little name drop to increase credibility.

Idea: Do a "Where Your Money Goes" section with a cute little pie chart that lays out our programs???

Public policy stuff here.

Blah, blah, blah - public policy - blah, blah, blah

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