Joanne Floth

Immediate Past Chair Read On Chandler

What makes ASCC’s mission meaningful to you?

Having worked in the field of Early Childhood for over 30 years, I have been able to celebrate the outstanding work and commitment of ASCC’s mission to serve those who live and work with young children. Over these last 30 years, ASCC has proven how important this work is and has helped countless families, friends, neighbors, and practitioners to grow in their knowledge of how to best support children’s health and development.   

This became even more important last year with the birth of my first grandson! As my daughter seeks information and knowledge about how to support him, and considers all the issues related to childcare, I can see how important it is for parents to make these informed decisions. With ASCC’s expertise and knowledge there to support her and those who care for this little guy, it brings home in a very personal way, the importance of the work of ASCC!

What would your mother say about you now?

She’d say, “remember when I told you that you would ‘get there someday?’ Looks like you made it!” Of course, she was talking about getting old.